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Mr. Harris - Storyline

Jennifer and Mark face society's prejudice for being a couple with a considerable age gap. Moreover, Jen has to deal with her own parents' prejudice.

After finding out that she is pregnant, Jen decides tell her parents. However, the family meeting is prematurely interrupted by a strange man called Harris. Who is this man and what does he want from this family?



Jen quit her international modeling career to be by her boyfriend's side. Her man is Mike, a divorced business man much older than her.

Douglas and Louise are Jen's parents. They live on a farm, far away from the city, where they work with Prichard, a young man who lives in the neighborhood and is like a son for them.

The couple gets a surprise visit from their daughter and, almost at the same time, another visitor arrives at their property. His name is Harris and he brings a surprise for the whole family...



Sérgio Martins graduated in New Communication Technologies at the University of Aveiro in 2007. He works as a freelance multimedia designer and multimedia developer and as an IT and multimedia trainer.

As a hobby, Sérgio spends his time photographing and writting short stories and scripts of multiple genres to be developed by Vagabond Movies (which he founded with a group of friends) and All Nakeds.


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